Our Mission

Eco-Kleen Commercial & Maintenance Services has for mission to carry-on a complete job to the client's satisfaction that is convenient, economical and flexible without extra cost.

Changing to a natural cleaning service provides health benefits for your employees and clients, particularly those with asthma, allergies, respiratory conditions, eczema and people with sensitive skin.

Our aim is to improve indoor air quality and protect your health, natural resources and our environment. We aim to protect human health without harming the atmosphere, promoting a cleaner, healthier environment, reducing pollution and waste and conserving resources.

Our Environmentally Conscious Solutions is suitable for any kind of business. A unique cleaning service and product that provides a hygienically and natural alternative for environmentally aware companies who appreciate and understand the need to use non-toxic industrial chemical products.

We are completely confident you would feel satisfy with our staff who would deliver high standard quality services. We like to keep in contact with our clients on a regular basis so that we can monitor and maintain our outstanding service at all times.