Our principal mission is to bring comfort to all our clients and in this aspect there is moreā€¦..we would like to introduce our International dishes prepared by our native cooks. Because Australia is a Multicultural country we would like to take advantage of this magnificence facility of our cooks and to let our clients to taste a diversity of International dishes.

Our services are a convenient, economical and flexible way and a better alternative of take-away meals.

Our services are aimed at:

Working families, corporate businesses, unwell people, expecting mothers, mothers with new born babies, people with busy schedules, people who need a break from daily and tiring home chores, take-away meals, at home assistance for seniors living independently, any one who needs support or anyone who needs the service.

Our cooks can prepare a series of meals depending of your requirement. Meals can be prepared for a week then freeze them in containers. In this way you will always have a meal for every day.

We can offer 3 options when preparing your meals:

  1. You can request our cook to prepare the meals you would like to have.
  2. You can choose a menu from our list.
  3. You can request an International cuisine.

If you choose option 1, you will need to supply all necessary ingredients for our cook to prepare the meals on time.

For options 2 and 3, we will need to establish your personal requirements.

We will need to discuss the following:

  1. Reason for this service to be more accurately with the service.
  2. Election of the meal (Menu or International dish)
  3. Number of adults & children
  4. Number of meals you require (a day, weekly, fortnight)
  5. Frequency of the service (daily, weekly, fortnight.)
  6. Needs & preferences, likes & dislikes, allergies.
  7. Your budget for essential ingredients
  8. Confirmation of ingredients at home or if you require us to do the shopping for you. An extra fee applies for this service.
  9. Kitchen facilities (gas or electric; food processor, blender, baking dishes, saucepans, mixing bowls, plastic containers for freezing meals.

After we have all this information we can establish the length of time this service will take. A minimum of 3 hours is essential.

For the first time we will need someone to show the cook their "way around" in the kitchen.

We suggest deciding your meals a week in advance, in this way all ingredients are Menu list and International dishes list will be send to you upon request.

If you choose to make a booking, change or cancellation please contact either of our business coordinators Nuria o Flor at any time so your service can be arranged.